Kids Martial Arts


Our Kids Muay Thai has been professionally developed specifically for kids to teach them important life skills with an exciting, enriching and age appropriate curriculum that is always fun!

This is a great class for gaining confidence, better fitness, co-ordination, speed and agility and has been one of our fastest growing classes.

Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) is a form of martial art practiced in large parts of the world, including Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. Muay Thai has a long history in Thailand and is the country’s national sport. Traditional Muay Thai practiced today varies significantly from the ancient art muay boran and uses kicks and punches in a ring with gloves similar to those used in Boxing.

All of Our Classes put a strong emphasis on Fun, Fitness and Practicality. If it doesn’t work in the Gym, it’s not going to work when you need it too!

FOR AGES 7 – 13

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