Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Membership $45 / Bi-Weekly

Classes every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday (check schedule for times)

Covid-19: Our Approach

What we are doing:

  • members get their own training area
  • Mats are disinfected between classes
  • Coaches and members with symptoms are asked to stay home

How can you help: 

  • Stay home if you are sick or may have been exposed
  • Please don’t enter the gym early or stay late
  • Sanitize your hands immediately upon entry
  • Help the staff sanitize all shared surfaces after class
jiu jitsu

What Makes Us Different?

Longer Class Durations

Longer classes give our students the chance to fully absorb new concepts and teachings. We focus on the specifics with a belief that its the fine minutia that separates good from great. 

We also have a weekly theme or focus, rather than random topics, that allows you to continually practice techniques all week long, with progressive resistance, in the training, so that you develop real skills, proficiency, memory, and understanding. If you miss a class you can still pick up a lot of the material covered that week.  

Who is it for?

Anyone and Everyone

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is for anyone and everyone. From those who have never exercised or even tried martial arts before to competitive athletes looking to acquire new skills. 

Teaching Jiu-Jitsu

Why Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

The most effective way to gain dominance on the ground

The most effective and efficient style of ground fighting in existence, with a little bit of dedication our method of training delivers results and a competitive edge for those that want to get better at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Jiu Jitsu

How Does it Work?

Train & Refine Your Skills Each Session

Come in to the gym and learn BJJ three times a week, improving your knowledge and upgrade your skills each time. After a few months, you’ll become better than you’ve ever been.