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Periodization For Mixed Martial Arts

or in English, a training schedule.                                                                                            

Periodization training schedules for MMA – potentially the most complicated sport to train for, are next to impossible to come by (and there are a great deal of reasons for this) all the pieces of relevant information out there in regards to this complicated topic are incomplete, each giving just a taste of what a professional training cycle could look like. Luckily I got curious and spent some time creating this little beauty. A complete 3 month long training plan.


This plan was created from peer reviewed articles stemming from the topic. not simply my view of what an ideal training cycle looks like. I simply took the knowledge and put it into motion creating this 3 month long training plan. 

The habits of athletes are fickle, they train in their sport because they love it with their entire heart, most dedicating all their free time to technical and tactical sport specific training (Judo, Boxing, Wrestling, ect), understandably so as MMA is incorporated of such a large skill set. Yet shortsightedly we lose sight of the base. Raw power & strength is why weight classes exist and by honing your base you can compete at a much higher level, while staying within your perspective weight class. The need of a superior conditioning program, one that pushes an athletes muscular endurance, lactic threshold and Vo2 max etc. These protocols are often overlooked, with competitors relying once again on technical & tactical sport specific training to carry them through. 

I began researching this topic to see (curiously) how far off my training style (way off) was from a proven MMA training system. Now this system is not a one size fits all, Phase 1 & 2 should vary from person to person based on what their weaker attributes are and placing priority on the type of training needed to build that particular athlete up. This goes even deeper into the design of the individual workouts and minimizing situations of training interference that can limit the building speed of desirable adaptations. With all that said, if you have a desire to compete at a higher level and your training only consists of technical and tactical sport specific training this plan will do nothing but catapult your game to the next level. 

Lastly – training is an art and if you don’t respect the fine minutiae of performing exercises correctly your going to waste a lot of time getting little to no results from a lot of hard work. I spend my time working with clients getting them results, researching topics like these and learning everything I can about strength and conditioning. Remember your doing yourself a disservice if your results are not measurable / planned and strategic.  

If you find the plan below confusing, your right.

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Meso Cycle 1 Focuses on building Muscle – LIIT & HIIT Style exercises build anaerobic and aerobic endurance. As well as building up the lactic threshold for later cycles

Meso Cycle 2 Focuses on continual specific development of the glycogen & ATP-CP energy systems with an incorporation of strength specific resistance training. Noted highly is the technical conditioning work that will further enhance muscular / cardiovascular endurance. 

Meso Cycle 3 Focuses on sharpening the skills of the athlete giving them the maximal amount of time doing sport specific training. 

Micro Cycle 1 The taper starts week 12 and is designed for maximal recovery before a bout. 

The Hi/Lo work done in this phase should be low impact (beach jogging, swimming laps etc.) and only used to primarily cut additional weight.



TL:DR This is 14 week MMA training plan, laid out and ready to go but only serves as a basic template as it has no “Specific” training adaptations for an individual athlete.

The blue chart is a workout calendar telling you what workout type to do on what day, the following charts explain the the workout types in detail. 

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