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Strength & Conditioning

We here at Infinite are love making our members sweat & our strength & conditioning class will have you drenched. If your trying to get that chiseled physique you always wanted this is the class for you. 

Everything in this class is created to deliver results in a timely manner. Most of training in our Strength & Conditioning class is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), this style of training is unmatched at burning calories & building endurance. 

Look forward to giving it your all, from plated wall sits, battle ropes, sandbag work, to testing your cardio on our SKII ERG and Row ERG, there is no faster way to get fit.

Whether your just a beginner looking to tone up and lose a few lbs, to a high level fighter prepping for your next fight. This class is an easy choice to make when it comes to delivering your fitness needs. See you on the mats! 


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