Infinite Martial arts & Fitness

About Infinite

Infinite is a martial arts & fitness gym located in Belleville, Ontario. We Specialize in Muay Thai & boxing along with strength and conditioning training for all ages and experience levels

Our Plan

 To support you every step of the way in your fitness journey. Whether you’re with us for six months or six years, you’ll know every day that we’re dedicated to your success and that we’ll do everything we can to make your goals a reality.

Our Values

Students come to us for many reasons, often just looking for a challenge or to learn martial arts. But you’ll walk away with so much more, including a confidence boost, health and fitness gains, and a newfound community of like-minded athletes.

Our Mission

To provide everyone with a fun, safe, and family-oriented environment . At Infinite, you’re family. And as a family, we train together, grow together, and feed off one another for the motivation to keep going.