Welcome To The Gym

What to Expect

The list of positive’s you will get out of our training center should far exceed  reasonable expectations. 

Getting you into the best shape of your life and giving world class martial arts instruction has helped us develop a community of friends. We come here to do more than train, We are here to have fun, to make friends, to punch things and burn off the stress of the day, to doing something awesome for ourselves and our training partners. 

Martial arts is more than just learning a technique, its about building demeanor, etiquette and compassion. To stay composed in tough situations and to endlessly learn and stay open minded. Regardless of if your 8 or 80 there is something for you to take away from our atmosphere that is more than just lacing up your gloves and putting in the rounds. 

From the most experienced fighter to a complete beginner, not one person has ever walked into a new place and not felt nervous. We have all been there, the hardest part of joining Infinite is working up the courage to come in. Once you do you will have the time of your life. 

Massive smile guaranteed.